On Tuesday 18th June 2024, the ReadiFood Warehouse underwent a bit of a transformation to become an Art Studio for an afternoon.

Jelly Arts Reading came along to guide some of our volunteers through a Printmaking workshop, to produce some printed sections, which will be assembled together to make a banner. The finished banner will be on display, as part of the decorations at the Readipop Festival in July.

Using carved blocks, we printed designs onto fabric; trying to reflect aspects of our charity & our activities, hence a popular use of the biscuit print!

A fun time was had by volunteers participating alongside some staff. Prints were impressed onto the fabrics by standing on the print blocks – leading to some interesting balancing acts, as can be seen on our photographs.

A Big Thank You to Jelly Arts Reading for helping us to have fun and teaching us new skills.

Alison Peyton

ReadiFood Manager