About - Old

“The Church in Reading on the Streets of Reading”

FAITH is a registered charity supported and staffed by members of Congregations across and outside of Reading.

We rely on dedicated and committed volunteers.

We are non-denominational, committed to expressing the love and compassion of Christ

to anyone in need, irrespective of colour, creed or ethnicity.

We are best known for our Food Handouts in the evenings and our

Tea Bar Sunday afternoon aimed primarily at rough sleepers and those in desperate need.

However, over the years we have added a number of other activities …….

We now run Reading’s Food Bank – ReadiFood
Most recently we opened the first of what we hope to be a a group of “Pantries

Ultimately in all we do it is our prayer that men and women come to experience the love of God and the assurance of eternal salvation that is to be found only in Jesus Christ

The poor you will always have with you.  Matthew 26:11 (NIV)