Jesus’ teaching and example, encourage us to help, support and serve anyone regardless of their religious background or beliefs.

  • to put OTHERS first
  • to be drawn to the POOR
  • to be driven by COMPASSION

FAITH exists to assist people with their needs – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
We believe that people are not just mind and body, but spirit also.
Very often the predicament they find themselves in has a spiritual root or element to it.
Our expectation is that we partner with God in helping those whom He cared for before we ever knew them and cares for them more than we ever can.

FAITH is a Christian organisation and therefore integral to what we do is to actively share the person of Jesus Christ.
We never approach anyone with the intention of  ‘bible-bashing’, however we are very open about what we believe, and will talk about our beliefs to anyone who asks or would like to listen.

Are Christian organisations safe to work with?

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