Personal Testimonial

Perhaps what we stand for is best expressed by one of the guys on the street ………….

 I first came across this charity several years ago. At the time I was homeless and they had a church open near the Royal Berkshire hospital on a Sunday.

These people gave more than just food to me (us). When I needed a pair of boots to start work in the FAITH team surprised me one afternoon with a new pair of Doctor Martins.  I was over the moon.  Also about 3 summers ago I needed a tent for my girlfriend and me to sleep in.  Two weeks later a member of the FAITH team gave us a tent.  Now we finally had a lot of privacy to sleep in.

There aren’t many people in Reading who understand that just because you are homeless doesn’t mean we haven’t got a heart.  For me when I used to be a beggar the way I looked at it was there were two kinds of people.  The ones who care and give you money and the ones who give you food or clothing.  Now to me if a person gives you food or clothing it is like they think about you more.

Now I have been selling the Big Issue for nearly 2 and half years.  It’s been my only income and still is.  Up until 2 and half months ago I used to be a heroin addict.  To the FAITH team this did not matter.  They always took us for what was on the inside.  These people have great love (Gods love) for everyone.  Also they are good teachers of the Bible.  I personally became close to God through them.

One more thing is that no one from the FAITH team were judgemental.  I remember I spent 6 weeks in prison for driving without a licence.  Whilst I was in prison I received a letter, a couple of leaflets and 5 pound from the FAITH team.  How they knew I was in prison I will never know.

Now I know the FAITH team are proposing to give the homeless people a place where they can feel safe, get a good nights rest, a wash and spiritual help as well as a bit of food.  I personally would like to see a home or a shelter run by these people along with the help from the council, drug and alcohol and counselling if requested.

My personal regards and respect to all of the FAITH team.

God bless

P.S. Thanks for giving me hope.