Background Beliefs 1

“integral to what we do is to actively share the person of Jesus Christ”

FAITH Trustees, staff and volunteers come from a whole range of different churches and denominations.  Therefore any one will have slightly different beliefs from another.

However on the major core beliefs we would be in agreement ………
… God is God!   God in three expressions of himself   –   Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Trinity)
… Jesus, as the Son, came to reveal God the Father to us, live as an example to us and die to set us free from all that is wrong with humanity and bring us into the freedom of a genuine relationship with God the Father
… God loves you with an intensity that is beyond words. He became man, lived our life, felt our pain and then died to take all our misery, guilt, shame, wrongdoing and suffering
… He is not out to ‘get’ you, condemn you or make you feel guilty, but to reach out to you and free you from all that controls you – all the hurts, the pain, the anger Whatever it is, he can deal with it
… You can “know” God and live in his love. The Holy Spirit can come into your life to help, guide and empower you

That in essence is what Christians believe.

One would expect therefore that our street teams would be made up of

“church-goers”  however ……

“a number of people of no definite faith, drawn by compassion for the homeless and  come out as part of our teams”

The reality is that a number of people, drawn by compassion for the homeless and of no definite faith come out as part of our teams.