Coming Home: the Archbishop's new housing initiative

Over 8 million people in Britain currently live in unaffordable, insecure or unsuitable housing – something that is completely unacceptable. To respond to that challenge, the Archbishop of Canterbury has set up a Commission on Housing, Church and Community. It is publishing its report this month and launching a campaign around the theme of ‘Coming Home‘.

Justin Welby explains, ‘It’s not enough that the Church gets involved in the business of building a better society; Christians need to be clear about the source of their concern and the mandate for their actions.’  This resonates with our own mission at Jubilee Centre to develop biblical thinking to inform Christian engagement in public life.

Before the main report is published on 21st February, the Commission has set out a theology of housing which it has developed to provide a foundation for its approach. It’s published in a book edited by Graham Tomlin and Malcolm Brown entitled ‘Coming Home,’ as well as in a shorter Grove booklet entitled ‘Why the Church should care about housing‘.