Stepping Stones Website Relaunch

Anyone who knows FAITH will be aware that we used to run a housing project called Stepping Stones.

By 2017 it was becoming obvious that the cost both financially and emotionally of the project was becoming unsustainable and we faced a decision of double or quits. To double meant having two workers to share the load, support each other, bring complimentary gifts to the project. However it would also mean needing to raise £40,000 p.a. since housing benefits alone come nowhere covering costs.

We also sensed that God was telling us that our calling was to be a short term support to people and not a long term solution. Thus we took the decision to close “Stepping Stones” as a housing project.


With the successful establishment of our “A Bed for the NIght” night shelter we could see the need to follow up on our contacts with homeless men and women and support them into housing and a settled lifestyle.  We had been blessed with the funding to keep Mary our Night Shelter manager on part-time after the shelter closed.

Having run this for a few months in 2019 it became clear that this too was an expression of “Stepping Stones”, i.e. helping people take small steps in their journey off the streets. Thus the resurrection of the name and the relaunch of the website in September 2019.

Welcome back Stepping Stones.