The Resurrection of Christ is key

former chaplain to the Queen has said that the quarter of Christians who say they do not believe in the Resurrection “cannot be Christians”. (Recent survey)

The Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden said in a letter to the Times that a survey which found that one in four self-proclaimed Christians do not believe in Jesus’s Resurrection “made the mistake of confusing British culture with Christianity”.

He said: “Those people who neither believe in the Resurrection nor go anywhere near a church cannot be ‘Christians’.

“As with so many things, the key is in the definition of terms. Discovering the evidence for the Resurrection having taken place to be wholly compelling is one of the things that makes you a Christian; ergo, if you haven’t, you are not.”

The link also has some basic information on the origins of non-Christian Easter traditions.


In a different but related vein –  whilst TESCO were telling people that “Good Friday just got better” because of special deals on alcohol –  Sainsbury’s and ASDA it appears wouldn’t stock the Fairtrade “Real” Easter eggs

The eggs, designed to carry the true meaning of Easter as well as being Fair Trade, could be seen as “Evangelistic or Proselytising”  on the part of Christianity.