How are you funded?

Ever since it started, FAITH has been funded by voluntary donations, primarily from individual Christians and local Churches.

In 2013 however, due to the economic situation and the end of Crisis Loans, Reading Borough Council made us a grant towards running ReadiFood.

Donations increasingly come from many local businesses and charities and are used as effectively as possible to directly support those people we are seeking to serve.  Many of those local companies also donate to us in kind through volunteering days, usually helping sort food, but sometimes more specifically through technical support. We are for instance grateful to Veritas for donating the employee time to design this website. Also to Oracle for the design of our Food Bank database.

We endeavour to be as efficient in our use of money as possible but inevitably have salaries, rent, utilities and vehicle running costs, etc. to pay for.  Our biggest single expense is the rent of the warehouse.