World Homeless Day

Charities from across Reading have come together to make people aware of the great work that is done for homeless people across the town.

World Homeless Day is on the 10th October 2021 

People are being asked to consider donating to Charities rather than giving money to people begging on the streets.

Below are links to the Charities taking part in the day.


Outreach teams connecting rough sleepers with

Reading Borough Council’s Housing Pathway *


Food distribution in the town centre most evenings

run by FAITH Christian Group in conjunction with

St Mary the Virgin Church, The Butts


Drop-in for food & clothing, with washing facilities and  more

used by other local homeless agencies for “surgeries”



Adult alcohol and drug treatment services in Reading


HOLT Nurses”   Health Outreach Liaison Team

physical and mental health nursing outreach to homeless people




Lifehouse accommodation and services for people who are homeless

provided  in partnership with our Salvation Army Churches.




preventing homelessness;

housing over 140 disadvantaged and vulnerable people

helping single parents, families, couples and individual;

providing a drop-in advice service and floating support *







Publicity is being part funded by Reading Business Improvement District